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Circulation fan maintenance precautions

Correct maintenance and maintenance is an important guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of the circulating fan and the improvement of the service life of the fan. Therefore, full attention must be paid to the use of the tobacco curing circulating fan. Repair and maintenance of impeller In the initial stage of impeller operation and all regular inspections, as long as there is an opportunity, the impeller must be inspected for cracks, wear, dust and other defects. Whenever possible, the impeller must be kept clean, and the dust and rust on it must be brushed with a wire brush regularly, because with the extension of operating time, these dusts cannot be evenly attached to the impeller, resulting in The balance of the impeller is damaged, which causes the rotor to vibrate. Once the impeller has been repaired, it needs to be rebalanced. If conditions permit, it can be balanced on site using a portable test balancing instrument. All set bolts must be checked for tightness before balancing. Because the impeller has been running out of balance for some time, these bolts may have come loose. Maintenance of the casing and intake chamber Except for regularly checking whether there is serious wear and tear inside the casing and the intake chamber, and removing serious dust accumulation, other special maintenance is not required for these parts. Regularly check whether all the fastening bolts are fastened. For fans with pressing bolts, press the butterfly spring on the foot to the installation height specified in the drawing. Maintenance of the bearing part Always check the oil supply of the bearing lubricating oil. If there is oil leakage in the box, you can tighten the bolts of the end cover a little. Repair and maintenance of other supporting equipment For the maintenance and maintenance of each supporting equipment including motors, electric actuators, instruments, meters, etc., please refer to their respective operating instructions. These operating instructions are provided by the supporting manufacturers, and the manufacturer will provide these instructions to users in random packaging. Maintenance when the high temperature circulating fan is out of use When the fan is out of use, when the ambient temperature is lower than 5 ℃, the residual water in the equipment and pipelines should be drained to avoid freezing damage to the equipment and pipelines. Maintenance work when the flue-cured tobacco circulating fan is parked and stored for a long time. The rotor of the tobacco curing high temperature circulating fan should be manually moved for half a circle (ie 180°) every half a month. Before moving, mark the shaft end so that the original top point is located at the top after moving the rotor. the bottom.

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