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Classification of fans

Fans can be divided into several categories according to the materials used, such as iron shell fans (ordinary fans), glass fiber reinforced plastic fans, plastic fans, aluminum fans, stainless steel fans, etc.

Fans can be classified into centrifugal, axial, oblique (mixed) and cross-flow types according to the direction of gas flow.

(1) Centrifugal fan. After entering the impeller of the fan axially, the airflow mainly flows in the radial direction. This type of fan is made according to the principle of centrifugal action, and the products include centrifugal fans, centrifugal blowers and centrifugal compressors.

(2) Axial flow fan. The airflow enters axially into the impeller of the fan and flows approximately axially on a cylindrical surface. Such fans include axial fans, axial blowers, and axial compressors.

(3) Rotary fan. It works by changing the volume of the air chamber by rotating the rotor. Common varieties are Roots blower, rotary compressor.

Fans are divided into axial flow fans, centrifugal fans and oblique flow (mixed flow) fans according to the flow direction of the airflow after entering the impeller.

Fans are divided into push-in local fans (hereinafter referred to as push-in fans) and flame-proof motors placed outside the flow channel or in the flow channels, and the flame-proof motor is placed in the explosion-proof sealed cavity. Extraction-type local fans (hereinafter referred to as pull-out fans) ).

The fan can also be divided into single-stage, double-stage or multi-stage pressurized fan according to the form of pressurization. For example, 4-72 is a single-stage pressurized fan, and a high-end fan is a multi-stage pressurized fan.

Fans can be divided into: axial flow fans, mixed flow fans, roof fans, air conditioning fans, high temperature and high humidity fans, etc.

According to the pressure, fans can be divided into negative pressure fans, low pressure fans, medium pressure fans, and high pressure fans.

According to the outlet pressure (boost), it is divided into: ventilator (≤15,000 Pa), blower (15,000-350,000 Pa), and compressor (≥350,000 Pa).

Huada GKF(KY) series high temperature axial flow fan for tobacco curing is designed for tobacco curing. The motor adopts F-class and H-class insulation. The angle of the leaf can be adjusted according to the user's needs. Compared with the right-angle fan, it has significant advantages such as large air volume, high efficiency and energy saving. It is widely used in high temperature and high humidity places such as tobacco baking.

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