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High efficiency and energy saving motors help the development of manufacturing industry

On November 25, motor assembly 2015 motor industry automation transformation and assembly engineering development forum was held in Shanghai Hongkou Sheraton Hotel. The forum attracted 198 professionals from motor assembly automation transformation service providers represented by Houda automation, as well as Leibo electric, daxun power, Siemens motor, Boze motor, Wolong motor, Remy motor, Valeo and other motor enterprises to come to the site to discuss the advanced technology of motor industry automation transformation and assembly. 2015 has become the era of China's industry 4.0 development. The development mode of traditional manufacturing industry will undergo disruptive changes in the 4.0 era. "Smart factory" and "intelligent production" have become the two major themes of this dynasty.

At present, traditional motor manufacturing enterprises generally have problems such as difficult recruitment, high wages, difficult management, unstable quality, poor traceability, many competitors, fast replacement and so on. Relying on years of experience in the field of intelligent digital factory in the motor industry, Tu Chunhua, deputy general manager of Houda automation intelligent manufacturing division, took "how to build an intelligent digital factory of motor" as the theme of his speech to solve these problems for the guests. Intelligent factory is to use all kinds of modern technology to realize office, management and production automation of the factory. General manager Tu starts from the overall structure of intelligent digital chemical plant, shows the advantages and implementation steps of intelligent manufacturing digital chemical plant, realizes high-efficiency and flexible customized and digital motor production through "machine replacement", and finally takes "who is the first in modern motor manufacturing industry" Embracing "intelligent manufacturing digital chemical plant", who has the right to speak in the market "concluded the speech.

Mr. Tu's professional explanation is easy to understand, and has won the high recognition and praise of the experts in the motor industry. At the summit, Wang Xinsheng, the chief technical expert of Houda automation, and other six experts discussed the theme of "the importance of product standardization concept to flexible automatic assembly", which aroused the resonance of the audience, discussed the countermeasures and expressed their opinions. Electric small world, industry pattern, "machine replacement" is the mainstream of building modern intelligent factory. In the future, Houda automation will give full play to its innovative business philosophy in the case of industrial integration, effectively promote the quality and efficiency of traditional motor manufacturing industry, and make contributions to the transformation and upgrading of China's economy.

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