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Ye3 high efficiency energy saving motor has obvious energy saving effect

Ye3 high efficiency and energy saving motor is a kind of general standard motor with high efficiency. High efficiency and energy-saving motor adopts new motor design, new technology and new materials to improve the output efficiency by reducing the loss of electromagnetic energy, thermal energy and mechanical energy. Compared with the standard motor, the energy-saving effect of using high-efficiency motor is very obvious. Generally, the efficiency can be increased by 4% on average. Unfortunately, although the high efficiency motor has been on the market for many years, the user demand has not been very strong. At present, the market share of high efficiency motor in China is very low, less than 10%. Generally speaking, motor sales for three types of customers: end users, agents and equipment suppliers. The proportion of product consumption is: 5% for end users, 15% for agents, and 80% for mechanical equipment suppliers in downstream industries. It can be seen that whether the motor products can be accepted by the market ultimately depends on the attitude of mechanical equipment suppliers.

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